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Acid-Base-Balance Days to Support Health, Beauty, and Vitality

Acidity reduction in the body is the key to physical and mental health. In natural medicine, the acid-base balance is one of the most important foundations of any therapy. Throughout history, therapists came to know the dangers of high acidity through practical experience.

Most acids are taken up by the body through food. Stress, medication, illness, environmental influences, and many other factors can contribute to high acidity. Common consequences of an acid-base imbalance include lack of energy, fatigue, and lack of motivation.

To restore and regulate the imbalance, additional base products can be supplied to the body on a daily basis.

We will provide a detailed consultation to help you create your personal regulation plan. 

Special Offer 2018

Our Offer

3 days | from 449 € per person
in a Classic Plus double room
Single Room carries a surcharge of 60 €

Available in these hotels

Van der Valk Hotel Berlin Brandenburg

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Acid-Base-Balance Days
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